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Bil Basmala – Clockwork (w/USB)

Bil Basmala‎-Clockwork Label: PER Music Library ‎– DOC 01 Format: CD, USB-Album Inside, Limited Edition Country: Malaysia (import) Released: 2019 Genre: Experimental, Ambient Soul, Lo-fi, Drone Style: Soundtrack   CDTRACKLIST 1 76 Dodge (intro) 1:03 2 California Dreaming …


Solid Being – Post-Modern Industrial Boombox CD

Solid Being‎-Post-Modern Industrial Boombox Label: Formerly Known As (2) ‎– DOC 02 Format: CD, AlbumLimited Edition Country: Malaysia Released: 2019 Genre: Experimental Hip Hop Style: Beats   CDTRACKLIST Lower Life Forms (Intro) :56 Affinity 1:52 Who …


Bil Basmala – Tura & The Beatsmith

  Bil Basmala ‎– Tura & The Beatsmith Label: PER Music Library ‎– PER 99 MFG & Distr Audocs ‎– DOC 01 Format: Memory Stick, AAC, FLAC, MP3, Album, USB Album Country: US Released: 2017 …


WE: Halal Style Ep (USB-A)

  WE: – Halal Style EP (USB-A) Label: Intentional Recordings / Audocs ‎– Doc 06 Format: Hybrid w/ Instrumentals Genre: Hip Hop Style: Trip Hop, Conscious     Tracklist   Halal Style intro Dunya Day Iftar …


Brother From Another Planet (Cassette)

Bil Basmala A, Brother From Another Planet (Cassette) At the end of 2013, Hasan (Bil Basmala) released ‘A, Brother From Another Planet’ cassette containing tracks from A, Good Night (Good Luck). …


Autolect Collectors Choice

  Autolect ‎– Collectors Choice Label: Required ‎– 16 Format: CD, Album Country: US Released: 2010 Genre: Hip Hop Style: Conscious     Tracklist 1 All In 4:36 2 Hyms 5:19 3 Stance 4:44 4 Pow …


Usephasan Scienc.esquizit

Usephasan ‎– Scienc-Esquizit Label: REQUIRED ‎– NH03, NewHarvest ‎– NH03 Format: CD, Album Country: US Released: 2003 Genre: Hip Hop Style: Conscious   Tracklist 1 Intro: Giant Steps 1:03 2 HOM (Hit Or U Miss) 2:18 …


Basmala (LP)

BASMALA* ‎– BASMALA Label: Preservation Electronic Recordings ‎– PER 786, Formerly Known As (2) ‎– FKA 31 Format: Vinyl, LP, USB Album, CD Country: US Released: 2017 Genre: Hip Hop Style: Electronic by Bigshot Tracklist …