Bil Basmala – Clockwork (w/USB)

Bil Basmala‎-Clockwork

Label: PER Music Library ‎– AUX 01
Format: CD, USB-Album Inside, Limited Edition
Country: Malaysia (export)
Released: 2019
Genre: Experimental, Ambient Soul, Lo-fi, Drone
Style: Soundtrack
3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5) by UNEARTHED



1 76 Dodge (intro) 1:03
2 California Dreaming 7:50
3 Asap Brown 4:55
4 PhysEd 3:27
5 76 Dodge 6:41
6 Ride 2:51
7 No.1 5:19
8 Rawgut Micro 20:01
9 Bonus: Rawgut Macro 10:02


Companies, etc.

  • Manufactured By – Audocs
  • Designed At – Audio Documents


  • Producer – Bil Basmala
  • Publisher – Urban Sufi Music, Sesac


Format: CD (Jewel Case) with Multi-Album USB

Label: PER Music Library


Bil Basmala, presents Clockwork – An Audio Document from the, CATB – Considering All Things Beautiful and Original Electronic Recording Series from PER Music Library (Malaysia).

There’s nothing simplistic about the music of global visionary soul production Basmala. Instrumental projects from Tūra, The beatsmith who prefers to push boundaries, and bridge gaps between genres, and generations.


PER Music Library was formed in 2014 to file Library music and serial arts projects. Clockwork was the first album in the series. Officially ‘Clockwork’ is released in collaboration with Audocs, An Audio Document from the Basmala library and CATB Series. Basmala’s Ambient Soul rendition of ‘California Dreaming’ once sung by The Mamas & The Papas (1966) and covered by The Beach Boys, Eddie Hazel, Sia, Royal Gigalos, Bobby Womack, Freischwimmer, The Faction, R.E.M., America, Wes Montgomery, Gary Hoey, Dead Artist Syndrome, José Feliciano, The Carpenters, Baby Huey & the Babysitters, the Four Tops, Melanie, Queen Latifah (on the 2004 The Dana Owens Album), The Seekers, George Benson, Hugh Masekela, Eddie Hazel, Raquel Welch, Benn Jordan, Wilson Phillips, Dik Dik and John Phillips without The Mamas & the Papas..


Sufistication, 1 USB, 12 Albums, 243 Songs from PER Music Library by the American, world music and ambient soul production of Basmala. A hip-hop base and ambient or minimal atmospheric sound, which is the unique signature.

  • A, Good Night Good Luck (City Lights Version)
    Constants Expansion
    Felah City Shafis Revival
    Full Spectrum
    Future Of The Field
    Melt Omnibus 1 + 2
    On The Edge Of Forever
    The Pilot
    Secret Of Secrets

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Total Time: 61:88
  • Barcode: 727908200386
  • Format : 1 CD, 1 USB
  • Jewel Case : Full Color
  • Country of Origin : Malaysia
  • Genres : Experimental Lo-Fi Soundtrack
  • Mix-Master: Spectrum 13
  • Pressing : 50 Copies (1st Edition)
  • Estimated delivery date : August 2019
  • Ships From: Malaysia