Global retail, distributor/music fullfillment services buy directly from UNEARTHED CINE. Please email office at audiodocuments.com.

Physical Distribution

Artists, Labels/Groups interested in having us distribute their music in-house or to wholesale accounts worldwide can sign-up at https://jami-online.com. Also email office at audiodocuments.com with your catalog, pricelists, samples and any press. Please include a phone number, address and your email contact.   

AUDIO DOCUMENTS (attn: ARD) 2201 Francisco Dr. Suite 140-253 El Dorado Hills California 95762 USA. WhatsApp ONLY: 530 306-7863 email: office[at]audiodocuments dot com.

Digital Distribution

UNEARTHED CINE delivers downloadable music for sale worldwide via in-house methods, including DNLD.US for Gratis and right here at ARD. Artists, Labels/Groups are responsible for other services like emusic.com, Amazon, Juno, Beatport, Boomkat, Bleep, and others. Please send a label description and artist roster to office[at] audio documents dot com for consideration. Please don’t send MP3s or other audio files via email. We prefer links to Twitter, artists, group/label sites with MP3s, etc.

Best of fortune from UNEARTHED CINE!


  • Invoicing and numbering will remain consistent. Merchandise sold as units to UNEARTHED from vendor, direct or on behalf of an artist or label will be due as agreed. No UNEARTHED staff member may refuse to pay invoices or send threatening emails.
  • All product numbering, upc, sku, isrc or otherwise will not change. Unless by express consent of the vendor or supplier.
  • No tactics or strategies of “”Debt”” by UNEARTHED staff.
  • We emphasize, No interest based models or debt tactics.
  • As Agreed goes for wholesale, manufacturing terms and pressings. Including merchandise purchased by UNEARTHED.