Solid Being – Post-Modern Industrial Boombox (CD)

Solid Being‎-Post-Modern  Industrial Boombox

Label: Formerly Known As  ‎– AUX 02
Format: CD, AlbumLimited Edition
Country: Malaysia
Released: 2019
Genre: Experimental Hip Hop
Style: Beats, Post-Modern
3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5) by UNEARTHED



Lower Life Forms (Intro) :56
Affinity 1:52
Who Got The Mots? (Interlude) 1:14
Puff Nebula (Solid Being Theme) 1:52
Two Worlds 5:06
Blood :59
Now (Ambient Yes Mix) :27
Now 4:28
Moving On (Interlude) :45
Bash (All Dressed Up) 2:05
Brainwash (C.A.T.B Mix) 2:53
Be (Interlude) :54
Fields 2:57
Code Head (Album Version) :51
Grey 2:15
Contact (Interlude) 1:02
Contact 5:40
Tools Of The Trade 1:06
Is Oriso 3:05
Istanbul Hostel 2:53
MovFwd (Album Version) 1:08
Division One 2:55
Smooth (Aretha Beams Of Light Mix) 5:02
Well 4:36
Breakthrough (Seeds) :41
Back 2 The Basics ft. M. Davis 1:20


Companies, etc.

  • Manufactured By – Audocs
  • Designed At – Audio Documents


  • Producer – Solid Being
  • Publisher – Urban Sufi Music, Sesac


Format: CD Wallet

Label: PER Music Library

More Info:

Limited Cd wallet from PER Music Library. Introducing Solid Being Sound as Experimental Post-Modern Industrial Hip-Hop. Solid Being is William Lamont Robinson who started his music career as a Hip-Hop emcee. He moved on to production in the early 00’s, and has since successfully been apart of 50 plus releases. PMIB is a progressive listener, and handy work blend of Hip-Hop, electronic, sparse vocals and some minimal electronic music.

William also has recorded under various entities including, Hasan ‘Atiq, Usephasn, Autolect, Bil Basmala to Basmala Lp. After relocating to Malaysia in 2017, we expect more experimental and eastern influenced releases under whatever monicker he chooses.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Total Time: 59:59
  • Barcode: 727908200546
  • Format : 1 CD
  • Sleeve : Color
  • Country : Malaysia
  • Genres : Experimental Hip-Hop
  • Pressing : 50 Copies (1st Edition)
  • Estimated delivery date : May 2019